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Friday, August 27, 2010

SEC's Most Obnoxious Fans

A buddy Benji recently sent me the link to Mark Bradley's blog at the AJC about the SEC's most obnoxious fans. In in Bradley makes a case for whom among us is the most obnoxious ranked best to worst. Obviously, since Benji is a LSU fan, he thought that this would get under my skin (it did) as Bradley selected my Auburn Tigers as the most obnoxious fans. Before I get into explaining just what I think of Bradley, let's examine his supposition.

Bradley states:
1. Auburn (No. 2 in 2008, No. 6 in 2010 poll): Because Tiger fans still worship at the tainted feet of Pat Dye. Because they run off coaches on a whim. Because they’ve grown as arrogant as Alabama backers without one-tenth the justification. Because they’re still whining over the national championship they didn’t win in 2004. Because the world’s worst fan — the Montgomery banker Bobby Lowder — is an Auburn man. And because I would pay money (though not a lot) to see Bobby Lowder in jean shorts.

First off, no one under the age of 30 would even remember Pay Dye, or Bo Jackson for that matter. A true Auburn fan would be quick to remind you that although Dye was a good coach for his time, that we truly didn't enjoy success until this past decade with Tubberville. Although a lot of fans wanted Tubberville gone, it was more for the off field environment than the on field. Also for the record, no true Auburn fan likes Lowder (I was happy to see that his bank went bankrupt during the financial crisis maybe getting him out of the picture for good). But as much as I can state these things, they aren't facts, they are opinion. So let's focus on what Mr. Bradley purports to be factual information - "they run off coaches on a whim."

Truth is that Auburn has one of the most stable head coaching positions in the league, tied with Georgia and South Carlina with the least turn over in the past 10 years with Florida being the most stable over 20 years. Taking a look at all of the schools in conference there are some surprising information.

School/Coaches Since 2000*/Coaches Since 1990*
1.  Auburn    2 - (Tubberville, Chizick)    4 - (Dye, Bowden, Tubberville, Chizick)
1.  Georgia    2 - (Donnan, Richt)    4 - (Dooley, Goff, Donnan, Richt)
1.  South Carolina    2 – (Holtz, Spurrier)    4 – (Woods, Scott, Holtz, Spurrier)
4.  Florida    3 – (Spurrier, Zook, Meyer)    3 – (Spurrier, Zook, Meyer) **
5.  LSU    2 – (Saban, Miles)    5 – (Archer, Hallman, DiNardo, Saban, Miles)
6.  Mississippi State    3 – (Sherrill, Croom, Mullen)    4 – (Felker, Sherrill, Croom, Mullen)
6.  Tennessee    3 – (Fulmer, Kiffin, Dooley)    4 – (Majors, Fulmer, Kiffin, Dooley)
8.  Arkansas    3 – (Ford, Nutt, Petrino)    5 – (Crowe, Kines, Ford, Nutt, Petrino)
9.  Ole Miss    3 – (Cutcliff, Ogeron, Nutt)    6 – (Brewer, Dunn, Tubberville, Cutcliff, Ogeron, Nutt)
9.  Vanderbilt    3 – (Widenhofer, Johnson, Caldwell)    6 – (Brown, DiNardo, Dowhower, Widenhoffer, Johnson, Caldwell)
11.  Alabama    4 – (DuBose, Franchione, Shula, Saban)    5 – (Stallings, DuBose, Franchione, Shula, Saban)
11.  Kentucky    4 – (Mumme, Moriss, Brooks, Phillips)    5 – (Curry, Mumme, Moriss, Brooks, Phillips)
*Does not include interim coaches
**Most stable program in 20 years

So now I wonder just what Mr. Bradley thought he was doing.  I guess its true that most of us bloggers aren't real reporters, just some opinionated buffoon slapping words on a page to get some attention.  I know I do that, so I guess Bradley is no different.  However, I would expect that with the AJC backing his writing up, that he would at least look at some facts before spouting his poor opinion.  I guess newspapers will do whatever they can do to help their medium survive.  I guess they'll wake soon enough to realize that newspapers are dead. 

I did find it funny to read the comments on his blog.  Seems most people think that he must never have been to an SEC game at all (at least he didn't experience the true hospitality that is offered via tail-gating and in the stands seating).  I remember the Kansas State game a few years ago when after the game as we were walking to Toomers Corner I overheard some Auburn fans congratulating the State fans on a game well played (we only won in the final minutes of the game).  The State fans were shocked at that and said so.  The Auburn fan simply said, "Southern hospitality, hope you guys make it back safe home."

So now I truly don't care what Mark Bradley has to say but surely won't be reading him any more.  Oh, and cancel my subscription to the AJC.  What?  I don't have one?  Oh, right!

And Benji....  Where are we watching the Auburn-LSU game at this year?

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