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Monday, August 17, 2009

Make money online with Blogspot

It's funny to me considering that I've been a software developer for the past 15 years for me to be asking this question.  But I find myself wanting more out of life, especially money, and why shouldn't I get my fair share from the web?  I can code websites in my sleep.  I can make them sing and dance and do really cool stuff.  But I'm still at a loss.  How does that actually make me money?  I don't want a lot of money.  I'm not looking to be the next internet billionaire.  I'd be happy with an extra hundred every month.  A thousand a month would be nice.  Realistically, I just want to be able to supplement my income.

Easy, right?

Do me a favor, go to Google right now and search for "making money on the internet".  How many results did you get?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Hundreds of thousands?  Daunting isn't it?  And the majority of those links tell you just how easy it is.  Provided that you buy their ebook or subscribe to their marketing service, etc.  Those sites are absolutely correct, their creators are making millions of dollars a year...  Off of poor slubs like ourselves who are just trying to figure out how it works.  I haven't purchased any of these guides, but I can tell you exactly what they say.  "Build a website and sell guides to poor slubs who haven't a clue."  I'd say that if you did that you too would be a millionaire, but the unfortunate truth is there are so many people doing this (hundreds of thousands) that this just doesn't help you make any true cash.

So what is the answer?  I don't know, but I am going to find out.  I'm dedicated to finding out how I supplement my income.  As I find out the answers I'll discuss them here.  Currently I have two additional blogs that I'm using as my OJT (on the job training), Fantastic Reading and As a Fine Wine.  The are both on niches that are already over saturated, but its what I (and my wife) know.  The internet isn't a "Field of Dreams" as just building a site has no assurance of traffic.  Regardless, I've cleared the first hurdle, get a site.

Ideas for subsequent entries include:  website traffic, SEO/SEM, affiliate programs, site design, and ecommerce.  I don't know where this will go, but at least as I learn, I'll pass on that information.  For Free!  Not that it would be worth anything anyway. 


  1. Hey Tony, I have looked into this. If you can get readers you can make money. There are all sorts of affiliate ad sites that will pay per click and pay per purchase. There are also pay per post sites that will pay you to put thier product in your blog. I keep making an attempt at a blog and never have the time to write anything interesting...LOL! Haven't found my niche I guess.
    Here is my attempt:

  2. Ok, I've changed the name of these posts as part of the experiment and added labels to see if that helps it get viewed better.