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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make money online with Blogspot - Day 4: Build your Blog traffic: Part 2

Ok, two hours a night is not enough time to do research.  There are entirely too many things to know.  I suspect that those who are successful at this have mastered how everything ties together.  I didn't really make any headway on changes to the blog(s) for traffic other than adding labels to all of my back posts and changing the name of a few posts to better take advantage of SEO.  Oops, Jargon Alert.  SEO - Search Engine Optimization.  This is basically making the most of your posts/site to have a better performance in the search world.  Take for instance the term "make money on the internet" which we looked up the other day.  With hundreds of thousands of entries, where do you think my post would show up, especially since I'm a new blogger and I've no (ok, one) followers (love ya Rach!).  I can guarantee you that it won't be in the first 30 pages (again I looked).  But the term "make money online with blogspot" has a significantly smaller return thus a better chance that this blog will be read by more than just 2 of us.

But finding those terms is a lot tougher than you might think and is not something that the recreational blogger would immediately know, or frankly have time to learn.  Fortunately, I found a really cool tool from Google (watch out, they will rule the world someday) that examines keywords against searches and gives you a relative comparison.  The only issue with this tool is that the relative competition is Adwords based, meaning that a lower competition has fewer adds on it, not necessarily fewer websites.  But this tool got me to thinking that what is really needed is some sort of Niche Finder, or Keyword Optimizer.  A tool that could examine search terms in relation to number of sites returned for that term.  A ranking of that would then help the newbie blogger start to find a legitimately profitable niche for their views.  I want to think about this idea some more and see if there is something that I can do to create one.

Outside of that my brain is now filled with terms such as Delicious, Technorati, Flixya, Moola, Feedburner, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, NewsVine, Azoogleads, Chitika, etc., etc.  I don't find it surprising at all that most people give this us after a few attempts.  We live in a time where information overload is the norm and if you can't keep up don't expect the world to slow down to wait for you.  We, my friends, are digital road-kill!  That's ok, what we really need is for someone to just sit down and discuss what each of these things do and why it necessary for you to make money (if necessary at all).  I do suspect that at some point, only a small handful of these services are actually needed and finding out which ones will make all of our lives easier.  I do know that Web 2.0 is crucial to success.  What I mean by that is that the more "friends" you have the better off you are.  On the Web 2.0 front you should do at least the following minimum (I know this because this is how I got my one reader):  get a Facebook and a Twitter account.  Allow Facebook to accept Twitter feeds as your status updates (and if you don't know how leave a comment and I'll recreate the steps).  Then sign up for TwitterFeed.  This service will automatically post your blog posts to Twitter as soon as you update it - automagically!  Thus, any new blog post is immediately posted to Twitter and then to Facebook (2 for one).  As you build your friends, so to do you build your blog.

I'll continue researching tonight and see what I should discuss next.

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  1. Still here Toni!-) Pretty good info about twitter and facebook links.